About me..


I thought I'd share a wee bit about myself.

I come from Denmark but moved to Ireland after meeting my husband Kevin. 
We live in the Rural, but very beautiful Donegal, with our 3 children.

I started crafting after our eldest, Emma, was born in 2003. I needed something to remind me that was more then "just" a wife and a mother.
Then Michael was born in 2005 but was very ill through toddlerhood, and crafting became something I did, to hold on to reality, if that makes sense.
That is when I started to scrapbook as well.
Fast forward 5 years till 2010 and our youngest Abbie was born.

My crafting has gone from a hobby to an "addiction" to a passsion and now to a "job".
I do craft demonstrations from time to time in my local craftshop and when the childeren gets a bit older I would like to set up my own craft classes.
I love teaching and demonstrating and hope one day to do this full time.

But for now, I enjoy crafting for my Design Teams. I have meet so many wonderful people through crafting, some I count amongst my close friends.

The purpose of my blog, is to share my crafty creations. But I have been thinking of starting telling the story about my life as well. To connect the two worlds and hopefully present you with the full story of my life.

I hope you enjoy what I have posted so far, and that you will come back for more.
Thank you for stopping by.

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